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What is a rich life? We set out to find answers to this question from Finnish personalities in their fields. What role does money play in their lives, and what else makes it rich?

The result is a multi-channel discussion programme that is of broad interest to people both inside and outside investment circles.

Starting points
Starting points

New look, new content: the strengths of the Alexandria brand on display

The starting point was to expand Alexandria's content offering with accessible content that would be interesting to potential target audiences and would help reflect the strengths of Alexandria's rebranded brand. The aim was to create low-threshold branded content that would not be salesy per se, but would generate awareness and interest.

The company has a nearly 30-year history in the wealth management and investment services business, which is generally characterised by a rather cautious and even conservative overall image. In 2019, Alexandria rebranded itself as a much more vibrant, confident and humorous brand that is far from industry standards.

The podcast was one way to bring this equation to life in a way that was interesting and appropriate for the target audience. You would not expect to see a similar production in terms of content and visuals from other players in the industry.

Strategy /Insight
Strategy / Insight

The Meeting Point of Investment and Lifestyle in the World of Investment Podiums

There are many investment podiums, but not so many productions that combine investment and lifestyle. The idea was to blur the lines between the two worlds, to bring the money talk and the discussion of investing into the context of entertainment and lifestyle. The challenge was approached by having Alexandria's own employees host the podcast and inviting as guests athletes, media personalities, actors and entrepreneurs at the forefront of our country.

The scripts for the episodes emphasised dialogue with other media - visitors were asked to provide perspectives that had not yet been covered by other media. The topics covered in the episodes were not just limited to money, but the podcast wanted to talk about the concept of "rich life" in a broader sense - not just from the perspective of financial wealth.

Creative Solution
A creative solution

Alexandria Multichannel Podcast on Financial Challenges

The design sought to emphasise the strong visuals and fresh approach that characterise the Alexandria brand, reflecting the brand's desire to challenge traditional financial industry norms. 

The podcast also sought to highlight the ethos that the rich life is holistically made up of many different parts, of which financial wealth and livelihood is one, but by no means the only one

In order to get the most out of the production, the implementation was made quite multi-channel in relation to the general genre of podcasts. The podcast produced material ranging from long discussion programmes to short videos and stills of metro stations.

The ads were used to direct viewers to Alexandria's own website to increase the average number of visitors and length of visit. In fact, the podcast content is up to 35 times more time spent on the podcasts compared to Alexandria's other content.


Rise of the Alexandria Brand with the help of a video podcast

The end result was a video podcast series, around which content was built for several different channels. Episodes of the series were seen and heard on YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts and Podimo. Short video clips of the episodes were shared on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. The series was also promoted at Helsinki metro stops and on metro billboards.

The implementation method was chosen because the presentation of the new brand required a holistic visual implementation and a simple audio podcast would not have been enough. We also wanted to present the guests and presenters of the episodes as human and multi-dimensional as possible, and video is the perfect way to do this.

Results from
Results from

Alexandria Podcast Effectiveness in Numbers

More than 72 000

Viewing and listening times of the episodes


Overall achievability of advertising


Increase in the number of subscribers


Website visits
(compared to other marketing)


Time spent on content
(compared to other marketing)

66 500€

Media budget
(in 2023, of which outdoor budget about €5k)



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