Why a podcast?

A podcast itself is nothing more than an easy-to-listen-to audio recording. It is therefore suitable for conveying and packaging any kind of information.

"Should there be a separate podcast on this topic too?"

"Aren't there too many of these podcasts already?"

"It seems like everyone has a podcast now!"

"When will people get tired of doing these podcasts?"

etc. etc. etc...

These are questions we hear often. Why doesn't anyone ask if there are already too many books in the world and if you are now going to write your own book? I think all these questions are just as clever altogether.

The idea that a podcast is just a conversation between people is very narrow and outdated. A podcast can be almost anything. The audio format offers a great opportunity to tap into the human auditory sense and create entire soundscapes. Sounds can be used to create spaces and experiences that written text is not capable of.

So what should this great opportunity be used for?

For entertainment

Perhaps the most effective way to reach large masses of people is to make entertainment. Entertainment in a podcast can mean, for example, doing true crime or celebrity gossip. Anything that takes the listener away from their everyday life and gives them a moment of freedom. In the entertainment field, there is still a lot of ground to cover in podcasts, as there are still so many styles of making that are completely under-exploited. Let's get creative and get our pens ready!

Krash's experiment in entertainment has been  Sweet Dreams -podcast, which, despite its lightweight production, has amassed well over 100,000 listens on Spotify.

Educating and influencing

You can pack a lot of information into a podcast. A well titled and executed podcast is a great way to educate the listener and create an easy way for them to learn about a topic that they might not have had the chance to read a book about, for example. Podcasts also work to advance political agendas (remember to use this powerful tool responsibly).

In the political sector, Krash has been involved in producing, among other things. European Orientation -podcast.


Popularising new ideas

Podcasts are a way to popularise your ideas, build thought leadership and get new ideas sprouting in your head. The free-form nature of the podcast format allows you to experiment with different ideas in a dialogue with a guest. A podcast is also a great space to reflect on one's own life experiences and provide a surface for the listener to identify with. Make room for new ideas and share them with the world!

Krash has been involved in projects such as  Dudes & Emotions -a production that expands the concept of masculinity and gives dudes a chance to talk about their feelings.

For learning

The podcast is also a great learning tool. You can create learning material to be consumed on your commute or jogging trail, for example. If you need visualisation to support your teaching, a podcast in video format will do the trick.

Krash has been producing with Finnish Digital Marketing "Digital Marketing" book, where 10 episodes were devoted to the secrets of effective digital marketing.

For sales

Of course, podcasts can also be used to sell. Make a successful podcast on your company's core business topics and you can be sure that the contacts will start coming in. As with any sales pitch, pushing won't work, but ads in between episodes, for example, are something listeners are used to and should definitely be used.

Our experience of selling on podcasts is, for example, Barona's Sales Radio, through which Barona's Sales Director Jussi Rissanen has become a well-known sales spokesman and has built up a loyal audience.

Sell yeah!

For marketing

A podcast is the best kind of marketing. In fact, all of the above categories can be embedded directly under marketing. As a podcast spreads, so does the knowledge of its creators and their thinking.

In some cases, a podcast can also become the absolute pinnacle of a company's marketing, as has happened, for example, with our Sijoitusovi -podcast we produced. The Sijijoitusovi podcast, created by Anna Perho, has gathered hundreds of thousands of views and listens, taking Sijoitusovi brand awareness to a whole new level.

In short, a podcast is good for many purposes. Right now is a good time to jump into making your own podcast, as the market offers a lot of data on what works and what doesn't. Also, there are already large audiences used to the format, and podcasting is no longer a small group effort, but a serious media activity.

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