Podcasts and soundscape creation

Olemme tottuneet puheen lisäksi vain taustahiljaisuuteen podcasteja kuunnellessamme. Tapa, jolla pelkkä äänimaailma kertoo tarinaa, on vielä täysin alihyödynnettyä Suomen podcast-skenessä. Tässä blogitekstissä käsittelemme ääntä aivan uudenlaisen podcast-kokemuksen mahdollistajana ja kerromme omasta kokeilustamme

"When you hear this sound: *BLING*, you can turn the page."

Many of us have listened to storybooks as children, with a storybook to support the story. You may not have thought about it, but it was a podcast of its time. The storytelling has made use of soundscapes to guide the child through the adventures of the fairy tale.

An excellent example of a contemporary audio story for adults is the top-selling story from the beginning of this year. Riku Rantala: M/S Mystery. The work was given a gratifying amount of space for sound design, which is still quite exceptional in a podcast scene the size of Finland.

Although M/S Mystery is more of an audio documentary than a talk show, I was inspired to experiment with how a light soundscape could fit into a regular discussion podcast. This is how Barona Horeca made it possible .

A good discussion programme is known for the fact that the listener can immerse themselves in the discussion and feel that they are participating in it. The podcast adds the sonic experience of being in the same room as the people you're talking to - perhaps even at the same table and part of the restaurant experience.Now it's time to see what it's like to jump into a restaurant atmosphere by ear:

As the introduction of a larger sound design into the discussion programme is still quite new, feedback at this stage is invaluable. Would you rather listen to the silence of the recording studio or go on a sound journey accompanied by the hosts? Does a soundscape that suits the conversation help you immerse yourself in the podcast on a new level, or does it interfere with internalising the conversation?

Tähänhän ei tietenkään ole yhtä oikeaa vastausta mutta me Krashillä uskomme tulevaisuuteen, jossa jopa sinemaattinen äänisuunnittelu löytää osaksi podcasteja.

Mikäli haluat, että juuri sinun podcastisi on yksi uranuurtajista, laita meille viestiä!

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