Different types of podcasts, which is right for you?

Monesti podcastit käsitetään vaan yhtenä formaattina, vaikka ne sisältävät lukuisia alaformaatteja. Tyypillisin podcast-kritiikki kuuluu kutakuinkin seuraavasti: “En jaksa kuunnella, kun ihmiset länkyttävät mikrofoneihin huonosti mietyttyjä puolitotuuksia vailla varsinaista rakennetta ja substanssia”. Tämä kritiikki on ajoittain aiheellinen, mutta useimmissa tapauksista sen voi suosiolla jättää vuoteen 2018.

Today, podcasts are largely professional or at least highly thought-out hobby activities and no longer suffer from the same problems as before. As podcasts are divided into different sub-genres, they should be compared within a sub-genre, not across them. Non-fiction books should not be compared with novels.

Let's take a look at the sub-formats of podcasts to help us choose the right one for us and find some good examples for our productions.

Solo show

‍Microphoneand you, alone. In this format, you get as much voice as you want. The solo format is particularly suited for sharing personal experiences, conducting audio essays and even daily topical podcasts. This format is easy to implement, although it does require you to be able to carry the whole programme and take the listener to the desired destination.

An example of a Krash-produced solo programme is our Podimo programme. With love Karita. In this series Karita Tykkä deals with different aspects of life in a relaxed, even spa style, reflecting on her own experiences and giving tips to her listeners.


‍The co-hostedprogramme is reminiscent of the morning radio programmes. The same people talking about different topics in the studio, using the dynamics between them as a power tool. The dialogue is often more spontaneous than a solo show, for example, because people get excited and react to what others are saying. Laughs are allowed.

An example of this format is the one we produced for Podimo. Mum's Date, with 3 hosts Sara Vanninen, Kaisa Turunen and Janni Keituri discuss motherhood.

‍Interview podium

‍In an interview format, you always invite an interesting guest to the studio to talk to you. The host introduces the episode and the guest offers answers to questions. In this format, the host can be either an impartial journalist, or a strong commentator and debater.

An example of an interview pod we have produced is Frontliners' Sales Radio. On Sales Radio Jussi Rissanen interviews top salespeople, sales coaches and other sales champions.

Panel discussion

‍A paneldiscussion involves several people discussing a chosen topic. There is often at least one host or moderator, with the remaining guests being experts and commentators.

A panel discussion is a good way to get many different perspectives on the same issue. An example of a panel discussion programme we have produced is the Investment Door podcast, where Anna Perho interviews experts on housing investment.


‍Thisformat takes an in-depth look at the chosen topic and aims to give the listener a broad overview of the chosen subject. There are many levels of documentary, from the simple audio essay to investigative journalism. They can include interviews, recordings from the field and other inserts.

An example of our production that is the closest thing to a documentary is the audio essay series China Review, which takes a closer look at the latest phenomena in Chinese politics.


‍Fictionpodcast is an audio-native fiction podcast. The podcast is an excellent low-threshold avenue to try your wings as a storyteller and share the products of your imagination with the masses. If you don't have a publishing contract for your own novel, or the time to write a 500-page epic, a podcast can be a good substitute. As a bonus, storytelling can be supported by a comprehensive and multi-dimensional soundscape.

An example of fiction produced by Krash is the Beautiful Dreams series, most episodes of which are short fictional stories. Without much systematic marketing, it has garnered over 130 000 listens.

Krash Oy toivottaa sinulle nautinnollisia hetkiä podcastaamisen parissa. Jos tarvitset tuotantotukea, suunnitteluapua tai kokonaisen produktion “avaimet käteen” -periaatteella, niin älä epäröi ottaa meihin yhteyttä!

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